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WordBricks™ Educational Software
Designed for use with children and others who are learning to read.

How to minimise the impact of a WordBricks™ site license
on your educational software budget.

Holders of a yearly site license have the right to distribute copies of a special "Lite" version of WordBricks™.

WordBricks Lite™ has the same extensive feature set as WordBricks Home™. However the following limitations apply:

  • Licensees can only redistribute WordBricks Lite™ to students (or their parents or guardians) studying on the site covered by the site license.
  • All copies of WordBricks Lite™ are time-limited to a period of one year.This will be the same twelve month period covered by the Site licence under which it is distributed.
  • No word walls are included with the Lite distribution. However users may download them free from the WordBricks™ educational software web site or the site licensee can supply copies if they wish.
  • WordBricks Lite™ requires online registration for activation.
  • The number of copies a site licensee may redistribute will be equal to the number of new students using the software or twenty which ever is the larger.
  • Site license holders can set their own selling price, up to, but not exceeding, 66.6%(currently £10) of the full price of WordBricks Home™.
  • Registered versions of WordBricks Lite™ can be upgraded to the Home version at any time, on payment of the remaining 33.3%(currently £5) of the full price to the author.

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