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WordBricks™ Educational Software
Designed for use with children and others who are learning to read.

The student is presented with a wall of "word bricks" and has to match the chosen word by clicking the correct brick.

A Selection of visual prompts can be used to assist in word recognition:

  • Colour matching
    The colour of the word box is matched to that of the correct word brick.
  • Letter count matching
    When the word is hidden, the word box displays asterisks for each letter of the word.
  • Hiding Bricks
    Once the correct word brick has been identified it is removed from the wall, narrowing the number of choices with each success.
Screenshot of WordBricks

The progam is supplied with eight "word walls", developed by teaching professionals, to provide an ideal learning curve. However, it is simple to edit the supplied walls or create new ones. So the reading skill level can be adjusted to suit the individual student. While the built in word recorder reduces the creation of sound files to a two click process.

The student's word recognition skills are developed by progress
through the three stages leading to literacy :

  • See - visual recognition
    The student is shown the word that has to be matched from the word bricks.
  • Hear - verbal recognition
    The student hears a sound file of the word and must then choose the matching word brick.
  • Spell - correct reproduction
    The student hears a word from the list and must type it into the spelling box.

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